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Street Safe Defense Firearms Programs Offered

The Official (CA) CCW Training & Qualification Course*

Approved by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. is one of the largest and most recognized law enforcement training and consulting firms in California. Our STREET SAFE DEFENSE civilian self-defense firearms program is approved by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to produce the Official State of California Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Training and Qualification Course. Our fully approved (CA) CCW Course is in an 8-hour format that covers the minimum training and firearms qualification curriculum required to qualify for a CCW Weapons Permit issued by the Riverside Co. Sheriff. Our (CA) CCW Course is taught by experienced and professional state and NRA law enforcement firearms instructors who have trained thousands of law enforcement officers, military personnel and civilians in firearms safety and firearms self-defense tactics.

Classes are conducted on Saturdays and are alternately held in two locations in Northern and Southern Riverside County.

Rainbow Range & Shooting Club
3139 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
Rainbow, CA

Class hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tuition for this full-day class is $200. Former Street Safe students pay $150. If you are a new student and sign up with someone else (payment on the same transaction), tuition is only $175 each!

Call Martinelli & Associates, Inc. today at 951-719-1450 for our class schedule and to register for class.

*Successful completion of the (CA) CCA Course in no way implies that the CCW applicant will be approved for a CCW permit.

8.0 Hours
Defensive Handgun - Level 1

This is an introductory course, designed for the new shooter as well as the armed citizen who wants to learn the proper methods of safely handling and shooting handguns. This class will focus on the following: firearms safety, shooter responsibility, handgun familiarity, handgun manipulation and basic marksmanship fundamentals.

8.0 Hours
Defensive Handgun - Level 2
(Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level 1)

This course builds on the basic fundamentals established in Defensive Handgun – Level 1.  This course will focus on intermediate gun-handling skills and techniques designed to dramatically increase the student’s abilities and build confidence with the defensive pistol. Students will be exposed to a variety of circumstances and taught how to resolve each situation quickly and accurately.

8.0 Hours
Defensive Handgun - Level 3
(Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level 2)

Level 3 is an advanced sequence for students who have successfully completed Level 2 training.  In this course we examine and implement the necessary physical preparation and mindset for concealed carry concepts. Students will be introduced to one-handed shooting and force-on-force training where they will confronted by a real live “bad guy” that they must deal with.

8.0 Hours
Defensive Handgun - Level 4
(Prerequisite: Defensive Level 3)

This is the high-speed-low-drag advanced follow-up course to Level 3.  Students who successfully completed Level 3 are invited to participate in the highly advanced level class.  Students will be exposed to complex scenarios, including force-on-force situations. Students will be required to solve them with increased speed and accuracy as the day progresses. To successfully complete this course the student will be required to pass the Tactical Pistol Skills Test within a strict time limit with 100% accuracy.  This class starts and finishes at the range.

8.0 Hours
Defensive Shotgun
(No prerequisite)

This class introduces the student to the tactical pump action shotgun and its defensive use.  It will cover manipulation, marksmanship and the tactical application of the pump action shotgun for home defense. This versatile and very effective weapon system is highly misunderstood; this course will dispel the many myths and rumors surrounding the shotgun. The student will leave the class fully prepared and confident in their ability to deploy the shotgun in a defensive situation.